Interview with Patric Scholz

December 29, 2022

Patric answered Meinrad Happacher’s questions for the SPS trade fair newspaper.

The main focus was on how our new business model, which we introduced in the summer of 2021, looks exactly and what advantages the automated installation and updating of industrial apps on a PLC brings to both the PLC manufacturer and the machine manufacturer.

Patric talks about the background of FLECS and gives an insight into the completely new possibilities it opens up for a PLC manufacturer.
First PLC manufacturers have already recognized this and so Baumüller, Weidmüller, Salz Automation, TTTech and Software Defined Automation showed their latest device generation at the SPS in November with FLECS on board. He is also particularly proud to explain to Meinrad how the app portfolio continues to grow and within just a few months almost 30 installable apps have already been added to the Marketplace. Established players like Inosoft, Softing, Straton, IniNet, Mirasoft, Inasoft and many more have been there from the beginning.

How our solution differs from others and what we think about alliances is best read for yourself at Computer & Automation.

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