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A dynamic duo for IoT excellence: FLECS and conplement offer pioneering solutions for secure and flexible IoT device management

flecs and conplement iot partnership

September 18, 2023

FLECS Technologies GmbH and conplement AG have recently entered into a strong partnership. We have joined forces with the Nuremberg-based company to offer you IoT device management that is both secure and extremely flexible. For this, conplement has the ideal solution on board with its device management solution omnect.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly and changing the way we interact with devices and machines. It opens up new possibilities for us to automate our machines and at the same time continue to work on optimising overall systems with the data gained. But with this comes the challenge of ensuring seamless and secure communication between devices and the cloud. This is exactly where omnect comes into play. With its innovative device management solution, conplement AG enables simple, fast and secure deployment of end-to-end solutions in the IoT. You can implement your IoT solutions with omnect quickly and with little resource expenditure.

With omnect you are always up to date. The omnect OS offers you secure and reliable updates for a wide range of hardware components. You can concentrate on your core business without having to worry about maintaining your operating system. In addition, omnect is specifically optimised for the use of Docker containers, which ensures seamless integration and scalability.

Through our partnership with conplement AG, we can offer you an even more comprehensive service. For FLECS, known for its App Marketplace for Linux-based PLCs and controllers, the omnect device management solution opens up exciting possibilities. This means that on a device managed with omnect, you can easily install FLECS via the omnect portal. FLECS gives you access to a wide range of apps from the automation world, which you can install and update quickly and easily at any time. You get a common solution from a single source that is always up-to-date and secure.

The combination of FLECS and omnect allows you to take advantage of both platforms and take your IoT device management to a new level. You benefit from a secure, flexible and scalable solution that gives you the freedom to focus on your core business.

We are excited about the possibilities this partnership will open up and look forward to sharing more details with you in the near future.

Want to learn more about omnect Device Management? You can find more information here.

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