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July 18, 2022

The Asset Administration Shell helps us to describe devices in the industrial environment in a standardized way. This makes it easier for us to determine what devices we can interact with, what data they hold and how we can access it.

Eclipse-BaSyx is an open source project that allows us to do exactly that. Since we love open source at FLECS, we naturally looked right away to see if we could do something together. The result is an app for the Asset Administration Shell Server. What you can do with it, we will explain in the following.

First of all, the AAS server component provides an empty AAS server on which multiple AAS and submodels can be hosted. With one click you have installed this server component on FLECS. From now on your device can identify itself as a shell.

Next, configure the server according to the instructions in chapter 1.4. We have already done the previous steps for you when installing the AAS Server App.

To use the shell, there is a separate aggregator API with extensive Swagger documentation. There is also a YouTube video that shows how to configure and use it in 5 minutes. You can safely ignore the Docker configuration part. We’ve already done that for you.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Try it right now and install FLECS for free on a suitable target system to get started.

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