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logiccloud Control in the FLECS Marketplace

May 23, 2023

Implement virtual controls intuitively on the edge device

The virtual industrial controller logiccloud Control will soon also be available as an app in the FLECS Marketplace. logiccloud Control makes it possible to realize the control of machines locally or via the cloud and independently of a physical PLC and is characterized by a particularly intuitive implementation and operability. The application is compatible with almost any hardware, and implementation requires virtually no programming effort.

With the connection to the FLECS Marketplace, logiccloud now offers its users an additional, particularly convenient option for setting up a virtual controller and configuring individual applications. FLECS is already supported by a large number of PLC, IPC and edge components and is pre-installed by more and more manufacturers. Setting up a user account takes only a few minutes. Via the FLECS Marketplace, logiccloud users can assemble their application with just a few clicks via an individual collection and orchestration of containers and adapt it as needed at any time. This makes it easier to get started with digitization, accelerates the launch of automation projects, and later provides the necessary flexibility as requirements change.

logiccloud control makes it possible to tailor the PLC functionalities exactly to the respective user profile, which makes the solution lean and agile. Unlike a physical PLC, costs are only incurred for the features that are actually needed. In combination with low-cost flat rates for the FLECS Marketplace and the dynamic scalability of logiccloud control, the cost-effectiveness and future-proofing of this automation solution are significantly increased compared to conventional solutions.

logiccloud control will soon be available for download.

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