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Nerve and FLECS – The jump-start for your IIoT project

TTTech Nerve FLECS Partnership

September 11, 2023

The connection of machines to the digital infrastructure in a manufacturing company is nowadays indispensable. Be it for integration into an MES or ERP system, for optimal maintenance or the billing of machine use.

However, there is one fundamental question with all IIoT projects: Should the project be completely developed, elaborated and maintained by the company itself? Or should a partner be involved in the project to deliver parts of the solution?

In the age of digitalisation, mechanical engineering is confronted with a multitude of challenges. Traditionally, mechanical engineering has focused on the mechanical aspects of production. But in an increasingly connected world, where the Internet of Things (IoT) plays an ever greater role, software and data management are also crucial to the success and competitiveness of companies. In today’s age of mechanical engineering, where innovations and technologies are advancing rapidly, it is crucial for companies to continuously optimise their applications in order to remain competitive.

But the crucial questions are which systems, areas and functions the machine builder should start with in order to create a basis. A basis that makes it easy to get started and is future-proof when changes, extensions and new possibilities become necessary. To ensure a low barrier to entry, TTTech Industrial and FLECS have decided to offer their services jointly.

Jump-starting your IIoT project!

One of the key IoT challenges is to efficiently manage and update the software on the machines. Older machines are often not designed to integrate IoT technologies, which can make it difficult to implement and maintain IoT-enabled software. This leads to a delay in the implementation of IoT-based applications and the use of real-time data for optimised decision-making processes.

Another challenge is the complexity of IoT integration. Machine builders are faced with the problem of having to connect various hardware and software components to ensure the smooth functioning of IoT applications. This often requires extensive technical expertise that is not always available within the company.

Furthermore, the security of IoT applications is a central issue. As machines become increasingly connected, the risk of cyber-attacks and data loss also increases. Machine builders must ensure that their IoT solutions include robust security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent operational disruptions.

Through efficient software management, machine builders can upgrade their existing machines and make them IoT-ready without the need for expensive new purchases. This enables faster time-to-market for IoT-based applications and improved use of real-time data to optimise production processes.

To address these challenges, Vienna-based software company TTTech Industrial has developed an IIoT platform called Nerve. At the heart of Nerve’s software management lies the ability to seamlessly roll out updates and new features. This flexibility is invaluable as it allows machine builders to constantly improve the performance of their machines and applications and quickly adapt to changing market demands.

A decisive advantage of Nerve’s efficient software management is the possibility to ensure hardware independence. This means that existing infrastructure can be used optimally without being tied to a specific hardware provider.

TTTech Industrial’s development processes are certified to the IEC62443-2-1 cybersecurity standard, and Nerve’s product certification is scheduled for 2024 – thanks to this, TTTech Industrial provides you with a secure foundation for IIoT projects.

With FLECS, machine builders can effortlessly update their software on any hardware and seamlessly add new features. The platform enables real-time management of software versions and updates, allowing companies to increase agility while reducing time-to-market. This ensures that machines are always up-to-date and their performance is continuously optimised. If a new software component is needed after the system has been introduced, it can be added without complication.

In addition, the machine builder has the possibility to manage his own software packages and roll them out to a wide variety of machines. Furthermore, the FLECS Marketplace offers the possibility to easily and quickly put a digital business model behind these extensions.

What’s in it for me?

The combination of FLECS Technologies’ and TTTech Industrial’s advanced solutions opens up a multitude of opportunities for machine builders. By seamlessly integrating their IoT platforms, companies can effortlessly upgrade and optimise their machines and applications. The hardware independence and flexibility allow companies to leverage their existing infrastructure while responding to the changing demands of the market.

Nerve’s real-time capability and openness provides a secure foundation for companies to make data-driven decisions and make their production more efficient. Coupled with the ease of updating and integrating FLECS, IoT transformation in mechanical engineering becomes a breeze.

Thanks to the security mechanisms of both platforms, machine builders can be sure that their IoT applications are robust, future-proof and protected, so they can focus on their core competencies.

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