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Our contribution to the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

May 11, 2023

You are repeatedly asking us what our contribution to the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance is and why we lead the Application Management working group there.

In this interview, Samuel Greising answered questions on this topic for the Hannover Messe trade fair newspaper.

He talked to Meinrad Happacher about why the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, OI4 for short, has entrusted such a young company like FLECS with the leadership of such an important working group.

The discussion continued with the OI4 Community Store. Its current status and further plans. Among other things, FLECS will provide a so-called sandbox store for OI4 members to test their own apps and devices.

Interview with Andrea Gillhuber, editor in chief and Samuel Greising

One question that inevitably came up was the large number of different stores, a multi-platform concept for apps and Samuel’s assessment of the further development in the area of app stores.

Last but not least, both discussed the OI4 roadmap for 2023 and when concrete results can be expected.

Read the entire interview in the trade show newspaper, or a shorter version in the “Nachgehakt” section of Computer&Automation or the special issue Sensor&Vision:

Hannover Messe News Paper Page 29

Computer&Automation Page 50

Sensor&Vision Page 20

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