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Partnership with Lanner

Lanner and FLECS

July 19, 2023

Users of automation equipment are seeking machines that can be easily extended with trusted software and their own add-ons and services. The installation or update of applications on the control system (Industrial PC or PLC) incurs significant time and cost for them.

Lanner has partnered with FLECS to offer industrial computers that come pre-installed with a diverse range of apps, enabling seamless connectivity with controllers from various manufacturers like Siemens, Rockwell Automation, or Schneider Electric, or even the use of PLC systems with real-time support.

Acquire your Lanner Industrial PC with your preferred FLECS version, and deliver a personalized automation solution to each customer, which they can effortlessly expand according to their requirements. On board is also the FLECS Debian Linux incl. real-time patch and many other useful functions. If you or your customers require identical systems across multiple units, the Control Center assists in deploying these systems while enhancing security during production.

You can find out more about Lanner and its products, especially the IIoT-I330, in the FLECS Marketplace and at lannerinc.com.

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