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Partnership with Softing

May 30, 2022

For us at FLECS, partnerships have an important meaning. They strengthen the relationship between the companies involved, create awareness of each other’s needs and are built to create value for both sides.

We are therefore proud to say that we have partnered with Softing Industrial Automation GmbH. Softing offers with their range of edgeConnector products an easy connection to different control systems:

Via these connectors, data from the controllers is made available to other apps via the FLECS Service Mesh, OPC UA or MQTT.

And where is the connection to FLECS now?

That is quite simple: In order to make the process data of a controller accessible via MQTT or OPC UA, a connector is required. Softing’s edgeConnectors act as gateways between the FLECS Service Mesh, OPC UA, or MQTT and the controller and reliably exchange the data between both worlds. For this purpose, the edgeConnectors run as an app for FLECS and can be installed with just one click. Once installed, the app has access to our service mesh and can thus make data available to any other apps. This way you work with exactly the apps that fit your machine best.

Sounds complicated?

It’s not. In a video we show how you can set it up in less than a minute. Our promise: You have never set up an automation system as fast as with FLECS. Try it out for free on the system of your choice.

Take a look at Softing Industrial Automation GmbH and see the advantages for yourself.

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