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September 15, 2022

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with STRATON AUTOMATION. STRATON AUTOMATION offers the straton Runtime for FLECS, an IEC-61131-3 soft PLC app.

For us at FLECS, partnerships have an important meaning. They strengthen the relationship between the companies involved, create awareness of each other’s needs, and are built to create value for both parties. “For us at STRATON, a platform like FLECS is ideal. It gives us a whole new set of opportunities in spreading our straton Runtime for FLECS, reaching completely new customer groups and markets,” says Pascal Girerd, International Sales Manager at STRATON AUTOMATION.

And where is the connection to FLECS now?

That’s easy: STRATON AUTOMATION offers straton Runtime for FLECS, an app for FLECS that you can install with just one click. Once the app is installed, you have turned the device into a full-fledged PLC. This way you work with exactly the apps that fit your machine best.

Sounds complicated?

It isn’t. In a video we show how you can set it up in two minutes. Our promise: You have never set up an automation system as fast as with FLECS. Try it for free on the system of your choice.

Have a look at STRATON AUTOMATION and see the advantages for yourself.

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