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Software Defined Automation and FLECS Technologies Introduce User-Friendly App for Secure Remote Access

December 15, 2023

In a collaborative effort, Software Defined Automation (SDA) and FLECS Technologies are proud to announce a Docker based app designed to simplify secure remote access in the industrial automation sector.

Streamlining the Gateway Setup Experience

A Gateway is a network device that sits between industrial control devices and SDA’s cloud infrastructure. Traditionally, setting up Gateways has envolved specific hardware and software requirements. Relying on containers, FLECS makes it easy to eliminate these hurdles and reduce the SDA Gateway installation process to a mouse click.

A Seamless Process for Users

The feature’s usage in the SDA console is simple and efficient:

  1. Install the SDA Secure Remote Access from the FLECS Marketplace
  2. Run the SDA Secure Remote Access application on FLECS
  3. Create a new Gateway on SDA Console
  4. Copy the setup command from the SDA Console
  5. Paste and submit the command in the app
  6. A new Gateway will be configured in the device after a few seconds
  7. To verify that it’s working, just go back to the SDA Console and run the connectivity diagnostics. The health-checks should show ok statuses.

In this story of innovation, users are the heroes, effortlessly deploying and configuring SDA Secure Remote Connectivity through the FLECS Marketplace. The once complex task of setting up a Gateway is now reduced to a few clicks in a user-friendly interface. This transformative approach not only brings ease and efficiency but also paves the way for scalability. Imagine rolling out Software Defined Automation on a grand scale, harnessing the power of Docker and FLECS – this is the new era of industrial automation that SDA and FLECS are ushering in.

About Software Defined Automation

Software Defined Automation (SDA) is a leading provider of cloud-based PLC management and code versioning. SDA’s innovative solution enables businesses to improve efficiency of their automation engineers, increase resilience, and embrace the benefits of virtualization. With a focus on security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness for virtualization, SDA empowers organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving automation landscape. For more information, visit https://softwaredefinedautomation.io.

About FLECS Technologies

FLECS is a dynamic platform in industrial automation, offering a marketplace connecting PLC manufacturers, machine manufacturers, and app vendors. It simplifies the e-commerce process, focusing on sales and licensing management. The platform ensures scalability, efficiency, and user-friendliness, catering to various industry needs while maintaining brand and customer integrity. For more information, visit https://flecs.tech/.

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