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Empowering You: Effortless Device Licensing and Real-Time App Innovation with FLECS V3.0.0-hedgehog!

January 19, 2024

On January 19th, we proudly released FLECS v3.0.0-hedgehog! This version is not only an advancement of our technology but also a milestone in simplifying and enhancing efficiency for PLC manufacturers and machine builders.

Device Licensing Made Easy

One of the core innovations in FLECS v3.0.0-hedgehog is simplified device licensing.

We want you to use FLECS effortlessly, without worrying about licensing, payment, or similar concerns. That’s why we’ve fundamentally simplified our business model:

From now on, every device connected to the Marketplace must possess a device license. This license enables the device to stay connected to our Marketplace throughout its entire lifespan, allowing it to install new apps or update existing ones.

So, what becomes easier:

  1. Innovative Process Simplification: The payment gate or redeeming tickets, as well as logging in on your device during the installation or update of apps on industrial controls, is completely eliminated once the device is licensed. Without installation tickets, you save time, and your customers no longer need to go through cumbersome payment or login processes.
  2. Simplicity and Transparency: Pay once, use forever. No hidden costs or additional fees during your usage of FLECS on your device – maximum transparency.
  3. Industry-Conforming Innovation: Our new model aligns with industry-proven business models that have evolved over the years, enabling quick and straightforward ordering.

How does it work exactly?

For PLC Manufacturers

Licensing for you as a PLC manufacturer is straightforward and fully automated. Each device equipped with FLECS is paid for by you with a licensing fee. You provide us with a feature of the device that we can securely verify on each device (such as the serial number or TPM). This information is reported to us by you for each produced device, individually or in batches. The licensing process then occurs automatically when a device connects to the Marketplace for the first time, without requiring an identification by the user.

For Machine Builders

If you’re a machine builder using devices without pre-installed FLECS, you have the easy option to purchase lifetime licenses through our Marketplace. When your device connects to the Marketplace (for example, to install an app), an available license from your user account for that device is automatically redeemed.

30-Day Demo and Customer Support

We offer new users a 30-day demo license to fully experience the benefits of FLECS. In addition, we are ready to assist existing customers in transitioning to the new licensing model.

Already Purchased Installation Tickets

If you’ve purchased installation tickets but haven’t used them yet, we’ll personally contact you to update your tickets. On devices with FLECS V2, these can still be utilized, but no new installation tickets can be purchased.

Real-Time Apps

We’re thrilled to announce that we are the first industrial app Marketplace where you can install Real-Time Apps. In today’s fast-paced digital world, real-time applications have become a necessity in various industries.

In the future, real-time-capable apps in the Marketplace will be marked with a distinctive label.

New Feature for Branch Marketplaces

With our latest update, we empower you with improved control over app availability in Branch Marketplaces. You can now filter public apps and selectively restrict the availability of your apps to your own devices. This feature provides precise application management in Branch Marketplaces, ensuring an optimized user experience. Stay up to date with this update and maximize flexibility in managing your apps on our platforms.

New App SDK According to Open Industry 4.0 Alliance Guidelines

We simplify how you as an app provider can fully automate the deployment and updating of your apps. Our new App Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to drastically simplify the process for app providers like you. This SDK aligns with the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance guidelines, ensuring your app can be seamlessly integrated and updated across various app stores with minimal effort.

This works in three steps:

  1. Initiate Your Request: Begin by expressing your interest in launching your app on the FLECS Marketplace. Simply reach out with a statement like, “We, Company XY, are ready to debut our app in the FLECS Marketplace.” Contact us!
  2. Efficient Processing: Upon your request, we grant you access to a specially structured GitHub repository. This repository comes equipped with pre-configured GitHub Actions, enabling complete Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) automation. If you’re already using a different repository for your software management, there’s no need to switch – our SDK can be easily integrated into your existing setup. We also provide detailed guidance on this process. Additionally, you will receive a vendor account for the FLECS Marketplace, allowing you to add all necessary marketing and commercial details for your app, including its name, description, logo, etc.
  3. Seamless Publication: The final step is as straightforward as tagging your app. Once tagged, it automatically gets released in the FLECS Marketplace – like magic!

The beauty of this process is its speed and simplicity: releasing a new version of your app can now be done in under five minutes in most cases. We believe this will significantly ease the way you deploy and update your apps, making the entire process more efficient and user-friendly.

Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving app marketplace with our new SDK – designed for simplicity, speed, and compliance with industry-leading standards.

OI4 App Release Process
App release process

Important Update Regarding App Compatibility:

With the introduction of the new app SDK in FLECS v3.0.0-hedgehog, it’s crucial to note that new apps or updates (versions) are no longer compatible with earlier versions of FLECS. These apps simply cannot be installed, updated, or made available on older versions. To access all the latest versions and apps, users must update their systems to FLECS v3.0.0. This update ensures compatibility with the latest advancements and features in our app ecosystem.

Convinced? Try it out now!

The complete list of new features can be found here:

Update FLECS on your device by simply executing the following command:

curl -fsSL install.flecs.tech | bash

Or install the latest version of FLECS for free on one of the supported systems! You can also find all the information about installing FLECS at https://docs.flecs.tech/product-docs/flecs-core/installing-flecs-core.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime. We’re here to help!

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