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Introducing FLECS 3.3.0-Hedgehog: What’s New and Exciting?

June 7, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of FLECS 3.3.0-Hedgehog! This version brings a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience and streamline your workflows. Here’s what’s new:

Key Updates in FLECS 3.3.0-Hedgehog

1. Device-Based Licensing: Our licensing model has been revamped. Licenses are now tied to devices rather than individual users. This means once a device is activated by User A, it will also be recognized as activated for User B. This change simplifies the activation process and ensures seamless transitions between users.

2. App Labeling in Manifest: You can now assign labels to apps within the manifest. This feature allows for better organization and categorization of your apps, making it easier to manage and navigate your app library.

3. Environment Management via WebApp: Manage your Docker container environments directly from the FLECS WebApp. Set, change, and delete environments without needing to use the command line or pre-configure settings. This provides greater flexibility and control over your app management. For more details, please refer to our documentation.

4. NET_RAW Capability for Apps: Apps can now utilize the NET_RAW capability. This addition enhances the networking functionalities available to your apps, allowing for more advanced networking operations.

5. Direct Purchase of App Licenses: Purchasing app licenses has never been easier. You can now jump directly to the purchase page from within the WebApp, streamlining the process of acquiring new licenses and expanding your app capabilities.

The complete list of new features can be found here:

How These Updates Benefit You

Enhanced User Flexibility: The shift to device-based licensing means less hassle and more flexibility for teams and individuals who share devices. You no longer need to worry about reactivating licenses for different users on the same device.

Improved App Management: With the ability to assign labels, organizing and finding your apps becomes more intuitive. This helps in maintaining a cleaner and more efficient app environment.

Seamless Environment Control: Managing Docker container environments through the WebApp allows for quick adjustments and better oversight of your operational settings, ensuring that your configurations are always optimal.

Advanced Networking Capabilities: The inclusion of NET_RAW capability opens up new possibilities for app functionalities, particularly for those requiring sophisticated networking tasks.

Streamlined License Acquisition: Direct access to license purchase within the WebApp accelerates the process of expanding your app collection, enabling you to enhance your system’s capabilities swiftly.

Getting Started with FLECS 3.3.0-Hedgehog

To take full advantage of these new features, simply update to the latest version of FLECS. For detailed instructions on how to update and use the new features, visit our documentation.

We are committed to continually improving FLECS to meet your needs and enhance your experience. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on this release.

Thank you for being a part of the FLECS community. We look forward to seeing how these new features empower you to achieve even more with your automation solutions.

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