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Docker and its usage in industrial automation

Docker Container Automation

January 19, 2023

Docker is a popular tool that allows developers to package and deploy applications in a lightweight and portable manner. In recent years, Docker has gained widespread adoption in the field of industrial automation, where it is used to deploy and manage applications and services on industrial devices such as control systems, sensors, and PLCs (programmable logic controllers).

One of the main benefits of using Docker in industrial automation is its ability to simplify the deployment and management of applications on industrial devices. With Docker, developers can create a container for their application, which includes all of the necessary dependencies and libraries, and then deploy the container onto the target device. This eliminates the need to manually install and configure dependencies, making it easier to get applications up and running on industrial devices.

Docker also makes it easier to manage the lifecycle of applications on industrial devices. For example, if an application needs to be updated, developers can simply create a new container with the updated version of the application and deploy it to the device, without the need to manually update the application on each individual device. This can save a significant amount of time and effort when managing large fleets of industrial devices.

Another benefit of using Docker in industrial automation is its ability to enable collaboration between teams. Developers can share their containers with other team members, who can then test and deploy the application on their own devices. This makes it easier for teams to work together and ensures that everyone is working with the same version of the application.

Overall, Docker has proven to be a valuable tool for deploying and managing applications on industrial devices in the field of industrial automation. Its lightweight and portable nature makes it easy to deploy and manage applications, and its ability to facilitate collaboration makes it a valuable tool for teams working in this field.

FLECS uses Docker, among other things, to manage and package the apps in the Marketplace. With the installation of FLECS, Docker automatically brings a proven and reliable standard to your device. If you want to use Docker technology in your automation system or manage your application in a Docker container, feel free to contact us. From the creation of the container to the deployment and maintenance in the actual system, we are happy to support you.

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