Revolution in Industrial Automation: The Partnership Between Schubert System Elektronik and FLECS

February 20, 2024

The field of industrial automation is witnessing a remarkable transformation through the partnership between Schubert System Elektronik GmbH and the innovative startup FLECS. This collaboration facilitates seamless integration of state-of-the-art applications on machine controls, led by the advanced products from Prime Cube: the Prime Box Pico, one of the smallest box PCs in the industrial environment, and the Prime Panel Pico 15.6″ installation.

User Experience and Efficiency Optimization

The complex challenges associated with the installation and updating of software on machine controls are both time-consuming and costly. FLECS offers an innovative solution by automating this process, enabling machinery manufacturers to use software programs (apps) that are hardware-independent, quickly, and easily. With FLECS’s Application Layer, apps are effortlessly installed, monitored, and kept up to date, while the Service Mesh provides a communication layer that connects all apps.

Support for Expansion and Retrofitting

Often, machine manufacturers and operators face the task of expanding or retrofitting their systems. FLECS simplifies this process by providing a platform for edge devices, complemented by an extensive range of apps for connectivity with controls from various manufacturers. The Service Mesh makes data generated by the PLC immediately accessible to apps on the edge device, promoting an efficient and connected production environment.

A Strong Alliance for Simple Automation

Alexander Matt, Team Leader Product Management at Prime Cube, emphasizes the benefits of this partnership: “Prime Cube delivers an optimized and streamlined LINUX system with the Prime Box Pico or the Prime Panel. FLECS enables access to the corresponding applications via the Marketplace. Users can thus realize their desired solution intuitively and simply, without in-depth technical know-how, with a Prime Cube system.”

Patric Scholz, Managing Director at FLECS, highlights: “The cooperation with Schubert System Elektronik removes all barriers to the use of a secure and sustainable automation system. Setting up and operating your solution has never been so easy and fast.”

Direct Purchase via the FLECS Marketplace

Another milestone of this partnership is the availability of Prime Cube products, including the Prime Box Pico and the Prime Panel Pico, directly on the FLECS Marketplace. This offers users even more direct and straightforward access to these high-quality devices, combined with the flexibility and variety of the FLECS ecosystem.

About Schubert System Elektronik and FLECS

With over 50 years of experience, Schubert System Elektronik stands for high-quality computer technology “Made in Germany”. As part of the Gerhard Schubert Group, SSE represents the pinnacle in the development of industrial computer systems. FLECS Technologies GmbH, a startup from the Allgäu region, is driving innovation in automation technology forward with the open-source project FLECS, focusing on user-friendliness and efficiency.

This partnership marks a decisive step in industrial automation and promises to make the use of industrial PCs as intuitive and accessible as never before.

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