Turning the world of industrial automation upside down: FLECS in an exclusive interview with OpenAutomation!

November 28, 2023

Are you eager to catch a glimpse into the future of industrial automation? Dive into the exclusive interview with Inge Hübner from OpenAutomation and Patric Scholz.

Discover firsthand how FLECS Technologies is shaking up the world of industrial automation with our open-source project. Patric Scholz, Managing Director of Sales & Finance, unveils the secrets behind our platform, which is more than just an app store—it’s a central hub for hardware and software solutions.

Find out why FLECS is more than just another player in the market. Inge Hübner explores with Patric Scholz what sets FLECS apart, how the platform provides maximum openness and hardware independence, and the advantages this brings to the world of industrial automation.

The founders of FLECS, led by Patric Scholz, share their passionate vision of improving automation and creating flexibility. The interview provides insights into FLECS’ partnerships with renowned manufacturers and explains how this collaboration is shaping the industry.

Join in as Patric Scholz explains how the FLECS platform engages the open-source community and the added value it creates for developers, PLC manufacturers, and users.

Ready for the revolution? Read the exciting interview now and discover how FLECS Technologies is shaping the future of industrial automation!

(Please note: The interview is in German.)

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